Art Endowment


You might wonder why a medical center should spend a single dollar on artwork when there are so many other urgent needs for technology, training and charity care. Our answer is simple: art heals.

When patients become absorbed in a work of art, their bodies’ physiology actually changes, moving from sensations of stress and fear to feelings of relaxation and hope. Since we know the mind can be a powerful ally in the battle against disease, Swedish has been an avid proponent of art in its public spaces since the early 1960s.

The Swedish art collection, originally started by a surgeon and former hospital administrator, Dr. Allan Lobb, is in need of new additions, especially as the medical center opens new facilities. By earmarking a contribution for this art endowment — which will create an ongoing source of funds to allow us to continually add to our collection — donors can foster the arts and excellent patient care in one generous gesture.