The Gossman Simulation Center

Gossman Simulation

It’s a well-established principle in medicine that the more practice and experience doctors and nurses can get, the better the outcomes for their patients. So, while all of us would encourage caregivers to take every opportunity to practice their crafts, no one wants difficult and potentially risky procedures performed on their loved ones unless there’s no other choice.

Fortunately, technology now offers a very welcome training alternative in a simulated environment. With high-tech equipment, doctors and nurses can practice astonishing range of procedures on lifelike, responsive mannequins. The Gossman Simulation Center at Swedish is integral to patient safety and medical education. The Center offers a safe, learner-centered training environment, the opportunity to practice repeatedly, allows educators to recreate the conditions of actual practice and provides a means for interdisciplinary and team training.

The Center also offers medical education to local students, Read More