Pilot Study Research Grants


Each year, the Rivkin Center distributes grants for promising research studies in ovarian cancer. Funding for these grants is provided entirely by philanthropic support from the community. Projects are selected through a highly competitive peer review process by a panel of experts in the field.

Each application is reviewed and scored for its scientific merit, novelty and potential to impact the prevention, early detection, and treatment of ovarian cancer in near future. There are two streams of grant funding:

Pilot Study Awards

Both young and established investigators alike struggle to fund underwriting for innovative approaches because their new ideas may not yet be in the scientific mainstream. With few options available for national pilot study funding in ovarian cancer, the Rivkin Center provides a unique and vital resource for scientist and clinicians to pave new avenues of ovarian cancer research.

Scientific Scholar Awards

Young, talented investigators often have novel ideas and fresh approaches to scientific challenges. In order to attract new investigators and nurture new careers in ovarian cancer research, the Rivkin Center provides support for talented, emerging scientists.

“The Marsha Rivkin Center initially supported my work… which my team of collaborating investigators and I have leveraged into a Specialized Program of Research Excellence (SPORE). Now supported through 2013, our SPORE has been awarded a total of over $36 million over 15 years from the federal government.” ~ Nicole Urban, ScD Full Member, Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center