Nursing Excellence

Nursing excellence

Anyone who has ever spent an hour in a hospital – as a patient or even as a visitor- will tell you that nurses can make the difference. They’re the ones who care for you 24 hours a day, and the significance of the medical decisions they make goes far beyond taking your vital signs or monitoring your IV.

In recognition of the critical role nursing care plays in the successful treatment of our patients, Swedish plans to invest even more in ongoing intensive training for nurses. Our objective is to provide nursing care that ranks in the top 10 percent of all medical centers for patient satisfaction and successful outcomes.

In addition, Swedish will collaborate with regional colleges of nursing to create clinical partnerships, conduct join research and offer a variety of educational programs to increase the number of nurses in the community with advanced levels of certification.

Do you have a story about the excellent care you received from one of the skilled and dedicated nurses that Swedish is known for? Please share.