Robotic Surgery Program


Swedish has become the leading robotic surgery center in the Northwest and one of the two largest sites for these procedures in the western United States. Our early adoption of robot-assisted surgery was largely made possible by support donors.

To date, more than 1000 robotic prostate surgeries have been performed here, and both the number of these procedures performed each year and the ratio of robotic prostatectomies to open (non robotic) prostatectomies at Swedish has been steadily increasing.

Using standard statistical measures for cancer recurrence, urinary continence and erectile function following prostatectomies, Swedish’s statistics are superior both to national averages and to outcomes for open surgeries here and elsewhere.

In addition to urological and gynecological surgeries, robotic surgical procedures for thoracic, colorectal, bariatric, and pediatric surgeries are being performed regularly by Swedish surgeons to use the precision and sensitivity made possible by this technology to enhance the effectiveness or safety of certain procedures for certain patients.