Swedish Community Specialty Clinic

Community Health

One out of ten people in Washington state has no health insurance — a statistic that’s likely to get worse in the coming years. Even though health coverage may be out of reach for many, access to the highest quality care is not. In fact, it is a matter of policy at Swedish that no one will be turned away who is in need of our care.

That’s an expensive stance as the cost of providing community benefits — including charity care, Medicaid subsidies and other services we don’t bill for — comes to about $50 million each year.

In 2010, Swedish expanded this commitment to the community through the opening of the Swedish Community Specialty Clinic, which provides surgical and specialty care at no cost to low-income uninsured and underinsured patients. While doctors and other caregivers donate their time, there is still a substantial cost to keep the doors open.

Swedish will continue to fund these and other community support services, but invites citizens, corporations and foundations to join us in providing the very best health care to some of our most needy neighbors.